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Wage Garnishment

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There are many ways you can prevent or stop a tax levy. The method you use should be determined by your financial and tax situation. Even if you do not qualify for any of the methods to stop a wage levy there are still ways to negate the effects of the levy. Know your options to make a wise decision about how to stop the wage levy and to protect your assets from the IRS.

IRS wage garnishment is a legal way for the IRS to collect taxes from you without you actually paying them by having the taxpayer's employer garnish their wages and send them to the IRS. Understand why and when the IRS will impose a wage levy and garnish wages.

What exactly does it mean when the IRS announces that they are going to garnish your paycheck? To begin with, the IRS will notify your employer, letting your boss know that you have an unpaid tax debt and unfiled income taxes. Once your employer has been notified, they are required by law to send a significant chunk of your wages to the IRS to payoff the back taxes you owe to cover the unfiled the income taxes. The IRS Wage Garnishment will be deducted from each and every paycheck. A portion of the paycheck that would have been paid to you will now be paid to the IRS. The Wage Garnishment remains in effect until your tax debt is paid off or until the IRS agrees to release the levy.

Have you received a notice that the IRS is about to garnish your wages because of unfiled income taxes? Are you frustrated and angry because you failed to take action when the IRS initially contacted you? If you ignored the IRS demands for payment, you will be given legal notice that the IRS will be resorting to other means to collect the taxes. If you have received a notice that your wages are about to be garnished, we can help get you and your tax problem back on the right track.

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